Friday, June 05, 2009

I Bet Brando Never Had This Much Fun...

Unbelievable. Only in California could you find some idiot using the law to try to stop someone else from pursuing a moral lifestyle!

In case you are a little confused, try reading all about it HERE and then catch up on this apparently expanding conversation on Geezerguy and The Visionary's blogs...


Mind you, it's a good idea there's none of that nonsense going on here in the Midwest or Chica and I might have been interrupted as we celebrated the birth of our newest Godson, Johnathan!

This little guy was born at 0215 today, 5 june 2009 weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds 11 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long! He's huge!

Very few of the Newborn things his Mom and Dad got for him actually fit! They were all too small!

Now, The Visionary has some recent experience with a newborn, and Geezerguy has done it four times! Naturally, they both understand how taxing day one can be, so I'm going to call it for now, but I will leave my conversational cohorts with this quesstion:

If you were picking the next Supreme Court Justice, what type of person would you want? We'll see tomorrow!

-Sage Words

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Yarntangler said...

Welcome Jonathon! It was so nice of you to wait til your God parents arrived to finally arrive yourself!

As to the Visionary... Has he been scared away? Haven't heard anything more from him.