Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do you need an Anonycat to catch an Anonymouse?

For those who frequent this blog (and admittedly, I have not been among you of late!) you are probably aware of my dear friend and long-time supporter, Anonymouse.

Anonymouse has been a stalwart commentator on my work from the beginning, even though an apparent drinking binge negated one of the more ambitious comments intended for our mutual enjoyment by said commentator.

However, in the interest of full disclosure I must now admit to you all that I do not actually know who Anonymouse is! If you've been reading the comments on my various posts, you've seen the back and forth banter between myself and my mysterious friend. And you know that I have successfully eliminated a few people from my list of suspects.

So now, I thought I'd bring this little contest to the front page, as it were. Here follows my latest response to a comment by Anonymouse, where I was asked why I have dubbed her/him/them/whatever "anonymouse".


I have dubbed thee "Anonymouse" for two reasons:
  1. To distinguish your posts from other (potential) anonymous users
  2. Just in case you turn out to be a cute, furry quadruped with an entirely rational fear of cats
You see, there is a fine line between Reality, and my world. If you choose to cross that line, you must live by my rules. One of those rules is a nickname requirement. But just like in a good restaurant, if you don't bring a coat and tie, we'll make you wear one of ours!

Now here's a test:

  • Who got married to the widow next door?
-Sage Words


So now the ball is in your court Anonymouse. Do you know the answer to the question above? I eagerly await your comment!

-Sage Words