Friday, February 29, 2008


Hey Mom, here's a few questions for you...

Remember when you taught me the "I'm Five" song and it helped me land the part in "The Stingiest Man in Town"?

Remember when you organized that 40's dance, and Skippy and I dressed up as sailors and danced to Benny Goodman?

Remember when you and your friend found each other after years of being apart, and you brought the two families together and tried so "innocently" to set me up with her younger daughter?

Remember when I first drove a car (around the corner, into a yard!) because you finally let me go start it up to get warm before school, but Dad had left it in gear with the brake off and it lurched and zoomed away when I turned the key?

Remember when you stayed up all night with me, helping me get the dead rabbit to stick to the fake bear skin on my "Wyoming Book"?

Remember when you took care of me and my friend Chris's little sister (Linda?) when we both had Chicken Pox and had to stay home all day covered in Calamine Lotion?

Remember all the times you laughed at all my stupid jokes?

Remember all the times you cried, because I was hurting?

Remember that time you gave me life?

Good times.

I love you Mom. Happy Birthday!

-Sage Words