Wednesday, June 03, 2009

He Said, He Said...

For those of you who are shocked by the existence of two blog entries in three days, let me explain what's going on here. My intrepid father (Geezerguy) and I have decided to converse in a public fashion. Not because we feel it would be particularly amusing for our many (4.3) combined fans, but because it is amusing to us.

Come to think of it, much of my philosophy of the rest of the world existing largely for my personal amusement comes from my Dad. (Sadly, he feels the world exists for HIS personal amusement, but he's CLEARLY wrong!)

So anyway, the conversation is going to take place throughout the month of June, with the two of us alternating days. Today is my turn. Check out my previous entry and Geezerguy's response to get caught up. I'll wait...


Actually, I think about The Time Machine quite a lot. Not to mention Back to The Future, and any number of Star Trek episodes dealing with time travel and I can't help but think that the massive, vast, Earth-Shaking power of time travel should really be left to us (Me and Geezerguy). Here are the two most important things I think we can do with the power of time travel:

1. Travel back to just before George Lucas had the idea for Jar Jar Binks, and smack him with a dead fish.
2. Find out what really happened to Michael Jackson's nose

Once we've done that, I think the rest of the world should be able to sort itself out without much assistance.

- Sage Words

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