Monday, June 01, 2009

And So The Conversation Turned...

It is a Universal Truth that all ideas are "Great Idea!" ideas; at least until you try to put them into practice. Look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for example:

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

What most people don't know about this now-famous structure is that it was originally intended to lean the other way! The plans were intercepted by budding Socialists and REVERSED so it would lean LEFT instead of RIGHT! Those FIENDS!


This is precisely the type of point that is typically made whenever I get into a conversation with my dear old dad, Geezerguy.

And the thing is, within the context of one of these conversations, it's a valid point! But the liberal agenda of the builders of the Leaning Tower of Pisa are not the topic of today's discussion. Instead, I'd like to share with you one of those "Great Idea!" ideas.


Geezerguy is not only the provider of half of my DNA (not that half, the other half!) but he is also a fellow blogger. Truth be told, he has been considerably more prolific at the old blog than I have been lately (the Leaning Tower itself has been more prolific than me lately!) . You can read all about his adventures at Observations from a Rolling Home, and you may just want to go ahead and do that for a while!

You see, this is where our "Great Idea!" comes into play. Geezerguy and I enjoy these conversations so much (even the ones without Italian landmarks) we though it would be fun to try to have one on the Interwebs. So for the entire month of June, The Old Man and I are going to converse. I'm beginning the conversation tonight, and he will continue with his comments tomorrow and we will alternate days like that up until the end.

Now I know what you're thinking: "But Sage, old buddy, June has an even number of days, so Geezerguy is guaranteed to have the last word!" (Admit it, that's what you were thinking!)

Perhaps. Perhaps not! Maybe I have a trick up my sleeve! I guess we'll all just have to wait and see!

Bwaa Haa Haa!!!



Okay, here's the thing. It's like we're all mindless sheep waiting for the shearer to come by and make us all naked! We take no responsibility for our own actions, nor do we pay even lip service to good taste or propriety! I am speaking, of course, about the so called "Network News"!

When is the last time you heard one of these monkey-brained talking heads say something that was simultaneously "not horrible" and "not stupid"? Seriously!

There was a story a few months ago about "Joe the Plumber". It seems that, after being investigated and destroyed by the media for not having an actual Plumber's License (Really, Joe? No license? That's bush league, dude!), Mister the Plumber decided to seek an alternate means of employment.

However, his only experience was in the thing he was not licensed to do! He had to find work quick, so he took the only job he could that would accept the fact that he had no experience, no training, no skill, no natural talent, and little visible interest.

He became a commentator.

That's right! Joe the Plumber went from unlicensed plumbing to commentating from ISRAEL on the conflict between Israel and Hamas! Seriously! For an outfit called Pajamas TV(!). But wait, there's more!

The Talking Heads on the networks (I'm talking to YOU Shepard Smith!) had the temerity to be ANGRY!

NOT Edward R. Murrow

They got angry! That KILLS me! There is not a single one of those talking heads working today that can be considered a journalist! They are all mindless Mouth-on-a-Stick dullards with delusions of adequacy, and they're mad at Joe the Plumber for doing the same job they do only without a degree in journalism? Unbelievable!

Look, I'm not saying Joe the Plumber was as pure as the driven snow, but he brings something to the table that all the Charles Gibsons and Nacy Grace's of the world will never have. Perspective. He's not so in love with the sound of his own voice that he would begrudge another person trying to make an honest living.

So we're all mindless sheep (But you are NOT the Shepherd, Shepard!). We still tune in night after night to watch these characatures of wooden people with wooden faces and wooden personalities read teleprompters at us and pretend to laugh just after it's appropriate to do so. We just seem glued to that screen, watching these network Pod People as they pretend to care about things they don't understand.

The Fox News Crew

It's kind of sad, actually. What do you say, Geezerguy?

(Head over to tomorrow to find out what he thinks!)

-Sage Words


Yarntangler said...

OHHHHHH! This should be good!

spiritualastronomer said...

I agree with Yarntangler. But, haven't watched network news in years.