Saturday, June 21, 2008

New-Fangled Computer Thingies

So I just got the newest version of my default word processor (we don't do product placement here!) and it has this nifty feature that allegedly allows me to publish straight to my blog from the program itself. Now, I'm not particularly timid about technology (I have two computers, a laptop, a PDA, an iPod, two other MP3 players, several thumb drives, and cell phone numbers in two countries!) but it's just a bit scary to think my word processor can pretend it's me long enough to post to my blog!

I mean, what happens if I'm working on a school paper and I accidentally post it? Then it gets scanned by Google and ends up living on the interwebs forever? Then I turn in my paper and my instructor uses one of the term-paper scanning sites to see if I've plagiarized the work and the site finds MY OWN paper in Google's cache so the instructor gives me an "F" for plagiarizing MYSELF?!!?!!?

Dude. It's too much to consider.

However, I am nothing if not an enthusiastic adopter (mindless sheep) of new technology, so I'm writing this in my word processor and am going to try to upload it automatically.

Cross your fingers.



-Sage Words

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Steve said...

It would be easier to just not go to school.


Big Stevie Cool