Saturday, June 21, 2008

Angry Bloggers Are Happy Bloggers

So I was re-reading my post from yesterday and it occurred to me that it was somewhat angry. Now, people get angry sometimes, it's just a fact of life. And I'm not going to apologize for my words. I'm quite careful about what I put up here and I don't publish it until I'm sure it's what I want to say.

With that being said, I think I need to lighten up a bit (for now!). So I'm going to open this up to my fans (both of you) to decide! I hereby promise to write about anything you want to hear! Post a comment on this entry and let me know what you want me to expound upon. I'll take the first five suggestions, regardless of topic, and write a minimum of 500 words for each one! And they will all be lighthearted and happy (unless they aren't) in keeping with my newfound need for anger management! After those five, I may or may not use other suggestions, depending on my whims!

Of course, as with anything, there are rules. Please keep the following in mind while giving me my orders:

  • While I have no problem writing about poop, if that is the only word you put in your comment, I may simply write a dirty limerick and be done with it
  • I am willing to write dirty limericks
  • I will only revisit a topic I've previously covered if you have specific questions. Or if I feel like it
  • You can never have too many references to monkeys. If you don't mention monkeys in your comment, don't be surprised if I throw them in anyway!
  • Obscurity is a plus! If I have to look up a lot of stuff just to understand what you're talking about, that means I'll learn something, and that's cool
  • Politics are fair game (in case you haven't noticed!) but don't expect me to agree with you
  • Feel free to ask me about events in my life (first time I blew up an anthill, how often I skipped classes, etc)
  • I will not post naked pictures of myself. Enough people have been traumatized by seeing me naked and I don't wish to add to the list
  • Please phrase your comments in such a way that they will not call out any individual by name. Nicknames are fine, if you're sure I'll get it

Okay, I'm ready for the challenge! Test me, confuse me, dare me, whatever! Bring it on!



-Sage Words


Anonymous said...

So what's the angriest you've ever been and did it turn out to be worth the steaming? Also, what's the happiest you've ever been and how long were you on cloud nine? Were Monkeys involved in either occasion, or perhaps some other poor unfortunate creature?

Anonymous said...

Pizzaz says " From someone who started the journey of dialysis on Monday, I want you to know that your anger was worth it . It made me laugh for the first time in two weeks. Now the challenge: 500 words on the Joy and workings of dialysis. Please include how may cycles per minute is average and what happens in an earthquake. How many, where, and what were the names of the monkeys involved in developing dialysis and where are they now.
Love from your number one fan! who is number two?

Yarntangler said...

I'm curious as to what you believe each of the following would have to say about the current political scene in the US:

Binti-Jua, J.Fred Muggs,Sally Jones, Davey Jones, Pipsqueak, Crap, Titano, and Zira.

Also what do think is the most significant contribution each of the above made to our society?

Geezerguy said...

I have always regretted the lack of a sequel to, or series of films following "Unbreakable", so your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows:
Write at least two follow-up adventures, which must involve insane and/or power hungry monkeys. They can be from this or any other universe, but must be descended from members of the original Nairobi Trio. There must be pictures, preferably in color.
This comment will self-destruct in one billion years, or at the end of the universe as we know it, whichever comes first. (see fine print for further conditions, exclusions, exceptions and other excuses not to deliver on the large print.)

Anonymous said...

I want to hear what you think of people who want Barrack Obama in the white house because of the colour of his skin and not because of his policies.

Or a sequal to Unbreakable. Whichever.

Alynn said...

You need to write about how awesome it is that I decided to link my website to yours.


alynn said...

Actually I do have one for you. Since you recently did (are doing) this, you should write what the PCS experience is like for those millions of others out there that have no experience with the military, and how a military move goes about getting accomplished.

Anyway bro, since you left today, keep in touch, you have my email.