Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Riding the skateboard of progress across the sandy beach of life.

As you might expect, I had planned to begin this experiment with something profound. However, profundity sometimes has to take a back seat to reality. Read on...

In my previous post, I discussed some of the possibilities for this blog. I fully intended to begin with an insightful political commentary, or an intuitive examination of a particularly good comic book story I was thinking of today, but instead, we have this:


I have never had a blog before. I was reading my friend Sid's blog and decided I'd like to try one of my own, so I went to and signed up for a blog which is made with some sort of blogging software to blog this out onto my blog (I feel like a smurfin' Smurf!). When I wrote my carefully-considered first post to my first blog and went to post it, I ran the spell-check function that comes free with the blog. It did not recognize the word "blog".

This may well be the first sign of the apacolypse.

When did our society become so lazy that we decided to create a piece of software designed specifically to make us STUPID?!?

And it works! I know! There was a time, many years ago, when I could spell. I could take a document, scan it at arms length, and pick out any misspelled word by pattern-recognition alone! But now, with the insidious spell-checker in common use, I can't spell simple words to save my life! Already in this very post I have misspelled accross (should be: across), recognise (of course I do live in England so it may be acceptable), and apocalypse (but really, who wants to be right about that?).

So now, in 2006, we are all morons.

Don't try to deny it. If you are reading this, odds are good that you are dumber now than you were in school. You depend on a calculator to balance your checkbook (assuming you do that sort of thing), a GPS or SAT/NAV to tell you how to get somewhere, a call to "information" to find a phone number, and the unholy spell-checker to tell you how to spell a simple word like "there". Or is it "they're"? Or "their"?


My point is, we have all become so dependant on the little whiz-bang machines and software-bots and other new-fangled, hoo-ha crappity-crap that our brains have moved on! Now we use text messaging to ensure the words "to", "too", and "two" R 4evr rplcd w/ the # 2! ROTFL!

So where does that leave us? Well, we'll never give up our computers, cell,phones, SAT/NAV's, calculators, or spell-checkers so I guess we just have to get used to being morons. Or maybe not!

According to the spell-check function of this blog, we are not "morons".

We are all "moorings".

I rest my case.

-Sage Words


Anonymous said...

I am a mooring. What's your point?
I'm not signing up for this just to leave a comment, so I guess you win a nickle if you guess who this is.

Sage Words said...

Well, I haven't guessed your identity yet, so the nickel will have to wait.

My point, dear anonymous, is that technology is a wonderful thing. But we should not lose sight of the fundamental knowledge that technology's existence represents. If we manage to make it to the future technology promises us, but forget what it took to get there, we end up like the "Eloi" from the H.G. Wells classic: "The Time Machine"; completely dependant on the machine and food for the "Morelocks".

And wouldn't that be a bummer?

-Sage Words