Wednesday, September 13, 2006


So here it is, a brand-new blog. The newest piece of content on the ever-expanding worldwide web. In this blog (as I learn how to use it) you will find a seemingly random collection of thoughts, opinions, rants, and frivolity. What you won't find is a lot of personal information about me. It's not that I'm particularly shy, I just don't care to make myself all that public.

Now, they say nothing ever dies on the Internet. This is, for the most part, true. So some day I may win the lottery or run for office or save a burning kitten from a tree or otherwise become a "public person" and if that happens, there may be some monkey who gets assigned to dredge the bottom of the great River of Information that you are floating on right now and they may find this blog. If so, they will be greeted by run-on sentences, bad jokes, generalizations, vicious attacks against no one in particular, several misspellings, and one or two insightful articles shining a pinprick of light on the human condition. For these last, I am truly sorry.

-Sage Words


Anonymous said...

I have read with interest you brownie points blog and just want to say its not have bad. ... but what if you significant other is deployed or otherwise not available?...
never fear i have a solution for you:
go to the nearest jewler and ask for a box.
thats right just a box
then when with your plan you would start giving those presious little cards,
you contact your S.O. by phone and tell them you wish they were there so you could give them the gift. now tell them you got them a new ring or pair of earings and snap the box closed so they hear it over the phone.

this will not only give you those nuch sought after brownie points but also make the S.O. feel a bit guilty about being gone.

just remember that before they get home you do need to get the ring or earings for them.


Sage Words said...

Interesting idea, Duckster. And I agree that it has the potential to work. But I have found that the effort of a long, complicated plans can translate into greater rewards in the fullness of time.

Mind you, if your S.O. (as you put it) is deployed, a letter or a box of useless but fun toys is a great pick-me-up as well.

Thanks for the comment, please keep reading!

-Sage Words