Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two For The Price of Two

So I had every intention of putting together a big-time, whiz-bang blog entry today. It was going to be the all-singing, all-dancing story of our trip to the Grand Canyon, complete with (pretty awesome) pictures.

In fact, it was the very awesomeness of said canyon that has necessitated another trip to the dork-well for a second time. yes, I am once more blogging on my cell phone, although this time I'm in the car with my buddy Sid driving, passing through Phoenix.

So here's the thing with Sid. We drove about 30 miles discussing (are you ready for this?) typefaces!

That's right! That's right, typefaces! Now, in order to mount a little bit of literary tension, I'm not going to tell you which font came out on top just yet (although I WILL tell you that 'Comic San Serif was a tie!).

This conversation speaks directly to the reason Sid & I get along so well. Never mind the fact that we both love comics, movies, TV, obscure 80's songs, and chocolate; we can both be counted upon to speak intelligently about both standard and unique type styles. That is some SERIOUS geekage!

I know what you're thinking. ''You, Sage old buddy, are a whack-a-loon!''

Well, I can't deny my whack-a-looniness, but I will say there's something very comforting about having a friend who is wired up just as badly as you! I am quite happy to have him visiting.

Mind you, he's not perfect! He didn't like ''Men In Black'', he's too tall, he's British without being English (or maybe the other way around, I forget), and he hasn't picked up a single Depeche Mode reference all week (must be English without being British)!

Still, he seems to be a marginally competant driver and he speaks in a funny accent that amuses me when he swears. I guess that's pretty good.

So now the moment of truth; which fonts came out on top? Well, Sid prefers Palitino Linotype. He says it's because the ''S'' looks like a Klingon Bat'leth. This is a reason I can get behind.

Me? I prefer a good old Bauer Bodini. It's a strong, uncomplicated font with clearly differentiated '1s' and 'I's. Plus, it's named after Jack Bauer. Cool.

So I welcome young (relatively) Sid -- formally -- to my little corner of the world! I promise to keep an eye on him!

-Sage Words

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Yarntangler said...

So where's Sid's blog! How can we compare the two of you without seeing what his fonts are capable of? I like Tahoma myself.